Jangan copas yaaa... ini tugasku hehehehehe, ini cuman buat contoh aja :)

Name:          Amira Rachmatillah
Class/number: VII.2 / 4



He has palefaced face,he has spindly and brawny body ,His height is 5 feet 8 inches and his weigh about 200 pounds, and he had a great barrel chest, bull neck, cleft chin, closely cropped brown hair, wide-set blue eyes, a bushy drooping mustache, a rather large nose, and small ears and feet. His most distinctive feature was a wide toothsome grin. He spoke in a rather high-pitched voice. He wore pince-nez to correct severe myopia.Roosevelt ctharacteristically stood with his shoulders back and his head pitched slightly forward. His dresses fashionably.


He was the most visibly energetic, a great visionary, zestful chief executive up to that time. He was fearless, decisive, ambitious, proud, and irresistibly charming to men and women alike. He loved children. He detested dirty jokes, however, and typically walked away in the middle of a story as soon as he detected its off-color nature. Whether delivering speeches before large crowds or engaged in a private conversation, Roosevelt spoke forcefully in crisp, clipped tones and gesticulated constantly, his fist pounding the air to emphasize a point, his head jerking to and fro with each word. But he was also a good listener, capable of remaining stock still for extended periods totally engrossed in the words of others. He had a prodigious, apparently photographic memory


Theodoore Roosevelt have other name, Teddy Roosevelt. He get that name because once time he on hunt, and he meet a bear, and he doesnt want to shoot him, and  because bear is like a  teddy, Roosevelt get that name, actually Roosevelt doesn’t like that epithet. He is a 26th  America president.He is a charitable person, and fashionable person.