SO, first thing we think about Aayush Shah is must be Ashwathama in Mahabharat becuase it's first Indian drama, then becomed booming, Bollywood.
Jadi, pertama yang kita fikir tentang Aayush Shah pasti tidak lain yaitu Ashwathama di Mahabharat karena itulah drama India yang kemudian booming Bollywood. 

I interviewed him last night on Whats-app, cool righ haha? :D . I started interview him on 11.17 pm Indonesian Time (WIB)
Saya mewawancarainya kemarin malam di WA, keren bukan wkwk? :D . Saya mulai mewawancarainya jam 11.17 malam waktu Indonesia(WIB)

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Aayush Shah has complete name, it is Aayush Ashit shah, and Aayush means one with long life. He was born on 31st October 1995 at Mumbai, India. He was school from the scholar high school till 10th grade. Now he is studying at college, it's JAI HIND college. He's been studying art take majors in philosophy and political science, he is took political science because he is has interest in politics. What he is studying now (philosophy and political science) are not related with his job on present. On this time he has one dream, he wants to become a star then starting to make his own production house with his father's name.

"My dream is to become a star and then i want to make a production house with the name of my father" His said
To reach his dream each day he always working on it, trying to be better and more better, discovery about things. He improving his hair, his body, his language and his skill day by day.

"I have planning to enter into modeling world as i've done modeling for T shirt brand since i child" 
"I'm in talk for a modeling assignment. It's an app, mobile app. I will tell as i sign the contract"
Aayush has one sister, her name is Mausam Shah. She is one year elder than Aayush. Aayush and her sister never fought each other, her sister is very understanding.

" In Navya show i and Navya always used to figh but in real i and my sister never fought
Aayush at times naughty to her sister. When he was small he used to tie a red cloth around his neck and play superman superman with her. He had funny childhood.

" She is very understanding"
 He did his debut with a movie , "My Friend Ganesha 2". After that he got his show which was most popular on that time on colors channel name "Uttaran". he played the character of "Paras" which was a poor boy who doesn't have money to study and stayed with his mama and mami.

" The lead of the show used to she her childhood in me and help me in studies and adter that my character paras becomes an drug addicter and the lady takes him to rehabilitation center to make him proper. After all the try my character paras died in the show by which the female get disturbs during my track trps rised. As that character was created to gain sympathy. It was verry good role and runned for 6-8 months. It was in 2009"
During Navya Show he is played  a show "Saajda tere plaar mai" which came on starplus, he played hero's child in that. And he got second chance to work with the same production after Navya for Mahabharat. It was his 3rd show with Starplus.

"Ashwathama was an antagonist character, but in real i'm not like to angry at all."
" I love to ride horse, i'm usually go for horse riding, i have my own horse in my native place"
He said that riding horse is very fun. he was got training for to use the bow, "it takes depends the person to person how quick you can learn". He said that the producers and the casting team are very good people, They are never angry.

So here it is what he wants to say to his fans in Indonesia.

" I was suppose to come to Indonesia last years on 2014 for meet and great event, but due to some reasons i was not able to come. I love my fans, i'm very thankfull for love and respect for me for my shows, Navya and Mahabharat on ANTV. I will surely come to Indonesia when ANTV invites me again for meet and greet event. I'm also waiting to meet my fans in Indonesia. Because Indonesian people are very respectful and beautiful with their heart"

His INSTAGRAM: @aayushshah3100
His TWITTER      : @aayushshah2

Ayuush Shah while shooting in Delhi, India