Hi overthere! Today I wanna show you how to make your own hang storage,it's very easy tho. 
I made this because I felt my room was messed up, so I often wasted my time to find something, especially school supplies

What you need:
1. Plastic, I was use laundry plastic (make sure it's thick enough, so it' wont easily  torn)
2. Glue Gun
3. Sticker Paper

1. Measure thing what you want to put on this hang storage, and applicate it ( make line) into plastic (make sure you make it bigger than the real size)
2. Make space between up and down stuff, so you can put things easily
3. Glue what was you line out, except the mouth of plastic where you will put in your things

 4. Find some picture  on that you want, print and cut it with cutter  like this :

I was make it into 2 cm
 5. Then stick the sticker, whatever you want, but I stick it to be the outline

6. TADA! The Hang Storage is done... fill it with your stuff ^_^

Some special part:

On the bottom part I use it as random things, can be something I used to

On some part I use tape that will strengthen the hang storage

Thank you and good luck, it's very easy. I just made this only 9 hour :D