Hi, Sup! ^_^ 

I wanna write something about my country culture, Indonesia. Yes, batik. Who doesn't know Batik? I bet no one doesn't know because it was officially recognized as belonging to Indonesia by UNESCO. Here I'll write step by step how to make Batik. I learnt all of the technique from Batik Belimbing. Actually I never know this place, but my friends told me because I am asking how to make Batik for Prakarya project.  I never felt horrible in there because the place and the teacher are very nice to us. Btw, I came there with Nadia, Fitri, Maghfira, Salsa, Wishnu when we was TO 3 day ! Because the deadline forced us to do it ASAP xD

What is the most different Batik with the other fabric? Shortly, in the making, Batik using wax.

  1.  Molani 

Molani means draw or tracing  the design with pencil

       2. Mencanting

Mencanting means trace the design that you drew with pencil with canting that contains hot liquid wax.
When you hand the canting you should mencanting it with gently, take the liquid wax not too much or it won't block entire of the mori( the fabric) so it will blend with other color in the next step. 

     3. Nyolet


Nyolet means coloring inside of design.
You shouldn't coloring outside of the line. In this case, we use 

     4. Dry the fabric
             Never dry it below sunlight, just dry it by wind

     5. Nembok

Nembok means block inside of the design, because we wanna coloring the outside of the design so it the color won't blend

     6.  Dye it in TRO salt 

We use TRO salt in order to expand the fabric pore

       7. Color the fabric

In this case, I was use napthol and indigosol. 

        8. Nglorod

Soak it with boiling water, so the wax will fall out

      9. Dry it ! TADA DONEEE

That's it how to make Batik.
If you are interesting to make Batik with less money you can go to here or this site