Fyuh maybe this is my 3 month since in High School. So this term may be out tougher time because we're on 5 terms, so until December, perhaps we will get 2 terms haha.
Hmmm, this week can be my toughest time because I have PAS, ugh and I can't dodge it -_-

I wasn't studying like the other that worked hard, It can be the effect of my unsatisfied or my laziness level 999.

First of all, I'm too take all easy with my test perhaps because of my arrogant on myself. I got a score that must not remedy while all of my class except 3(include me) must remedy, so I over proud to myself that create arrogantly in my heart.

While coming subject like religion, PPKN and all of that I take it easy so I didn't study well, so you must be know what's the result.

Well, that pretty makes me feel depressed sometimes and something like "Uh my energy runs out! "

But yeah, today I have to extracurricular. Today I didn't do my science writing and guess what we did? We chat each other and laugh.
They gave me positive energy and I felt, "Oh yeah this is not the end, you still have GOD, yeah GOD that will help you pass all of those things. "

So let's pray, I do believe that we have God that we believed in and will help us while we want to ikhtiar and tawakkal. Bismillah... . CHEER UP!!!!!