Oh yeah, so this is my first post on SHS!
Hmm.. Now I'm on SHS 1 Malang. At first I felt that it's something like a severe torture to school in this school, but ... ah forget it, I can't go into school that more I prefer hhaha. So I have no choice right?
So I'll write some of my events that still disturb me on my mind.

Ah this is the most saddest part, but the gladdest part. Here we are...
Yeah as what i told before, I can't go into school that I want, but yeah... this is my fate.
When It's 13.30, I think it's impossible to go into that school, so yeah I moved to SHS 1 that beside of that school. It's my hardest time, but I need to rushed, so that I can go to public school.

At 13.50 I rushed to registration room, fyuuh we make it! I got scolded from my new teacher hahah because I has certificate that verified by DIKNAS that can be use JUST on SHS 1, so it'll make easier to enter this school. Besides that, I forget to fill my school destination, because I'm too rushing haha.

So on the other room (verified room tho), I sat at the corner operator. I saw him and thougt that he is SMK student haha. That guy is so... calm, even tho I think it's too lame haha. He ask me to give him certificate from school, and fotocopied... but I bring the other one (fotocopied) from DIKNAS, I'm glad that I brought my certified from school hehe. Then my mom fotocopied it on koperasi, on that time I just something like ... . . While registration he shows me my position on PPDB, then the Mr Rochmad shout, "Just check it soon, not now!". Then he was not scary, he just on his style, calm and smiling, haha. I kept waiting my mom until she came back, and yeah... on the way back I daydreaming along the road, keep think is this will be torture or something?

Oh yeah this is so awkwkard because when I get in the room to confirmation then i sit down... the teacher ask me about my number on PPDB, and I answer it "1" she stared me for a while, her sight something like I'm a liar -_-.

It's thing that substitute MOS, It's more boring than my last MOS on JHS. It's kinda creepy because we were just sitting all the day! Ah and my inability to go to school that I want makes me more upset, even though I hide it I can't lie to myself.
This is the most important part of this story. At that time, we were divided by our name. On the evening in my temporary class while the curriculum teacher told us about terms, a teacher come to my class. She asked us who that ever have joined olympiad. I didn't know why I raised my hand up, it's just something that naturally, or we call it reflect. I didn't too sure about my action because I never joined a championship(well i ever joined 1 olympiad at Dempo with my team, but we lost) , just joined olympiad class (Mathematics = 7th, Social =8th and 9th). So that teacher list us, in my class just me and Angga( math/physic olympiad. I don't sure) that ever join something like that. When that teacher done list us, she told us that we will parted into one class, "Olympiad Class"!
OMG, I'm surprised and at that time i thought that she's lied. How can I get into class and among the smartest student?!
Well my question is...  will I have new friend ?