After those time( PPDB), I was don't have spirit and nearly dissolve on my daydreaming and feeling that i can't express it into words. Feels depressed everyday and lazyday everyday
But now I can understand what Allah wants, I think it's the best choice for me to be here:)

Among all of my friend in class, she's the most absurd gals, tho. Her exspression is so awkaward, but i love that exspression. Her name is *, from JHS **. At that time I realized that it's not where we school, but HOW we school itself. She's like Nadia... have same ability on Biology, same font handwriting, same face lol, but not the same attitude tho. I don't know how we sat and become deskmate, 

Oh I LOVE my new school, how not?! You can see quarelle on tree, not zoo, lol! And the

The teachers are awkwkard, some of them are AMAZING! One of my new teacher that pop up on my mind right now is MR DJOKO, He's TATIB teacher... hoho. He's very emphatic. Once that 17th ceremony I think the ceremony begin on 7.00 so I was came on 6.40... and guess what happen next? Yea I LATE, the ceremony is begin on 6.30! When I want to run to field, but omg... I got scolded because I was misscommunication with his sign, he told me to stand on a spot -_- Ah that time is soo... ashaming -_-. I'm glad at that time I'm not crying hehe
Besides that, some of them are new teacher, so... -_-

Oh yeah... It's just warming up.. Let's talk about what I did today and 2 days ago

So 2 days ago I came to my school because a hoax information, so it's useless to come there. That day I met my close friends, some of them buy us foods and drinks, thanks DEREA :). 

Today is the real ''cap 3 jari'' day. I walked about 10 minuter from my SHS to JHS, It's tired.. but I don't want to use my money hehe, because It's not that far. Oh yeah, I rushed to go to JHS canteen because it's something like a base for me and my close-friend. Of course we smiled each other. Then we talk each other... and the situation it's not the same anymore. We talk with free(open each other_, but today.. something weird on that conversation.. yeah.. something feeling that missing.. we talk like never know each other -_- and don't care... so I don't care too :p

When "cap 3 jari" we need to get in the class, so i sat at the corner of class, hehe... because it was my chair... . Ah I don't want to write this part -_- So... 

Yeah... not the same