Oh yeah, so next Monday it's PAS, before that I want to express my gratitude trough my writing. So last Thursday I completed my memorization Al-Hadid, Al Araf and others!

While all of my friends pass memorization, just me that still stuck on that stuff. So at the first week my tears burst out, well I know that crying won't solve my problem instead make me more trembling.
Trembling? Why? It can be my trauma about PAI teacher on elementary/ The more I read in the classroom, the more my head gonna explode, I thought that "OMG, Well I'm not that stupid! Why can't you memorize that? It's not a big deal!"in my heart.

My first week, I gave up and won't read anymore. Well, guess what? On the second week, there are 2 surahs that must be memorized. I was trembling again.
Phew, I can pass 2 surahs from 3 surahs.

So on that day I stressed out and decide to work hard to memorize these. So on the next day, I was planning to submit all of my debt, so I won't got stuck or stress while PAS.
I go to Kesiswaan Room and there's no Mrs. Nafila, so I decide to come back, While sports lesson, there's no teacher so I gotta to use this chance to memorize surahs. 

Fuh, this is the gladdest part. I take a peep Kesiswaan room, there's a bunch of students. I don't sure if there is Mrs. Nafila or not, but Hanji told me this is gold chance, and a perfect time to pay my debt.

So I start walking in, Oh! Those students paid their memorization too. My heart melted, and this is gladding me so much.I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE. Fuh, thank god.

At first try I make miss and I'm trying and trying. So yea we did it!