Fyuh so nex month, there'll be Markarasta. In Markarasta each class must show something. So my class wants to show dance like other class.

There's we got the problem.
1. Time
2. Money

Markarasta will be taking place on 16 December, which is 1 week after PAS done. Well, it can be impossible to arrange all of the choreography, so they decide to call choreographer. In my class, some of my friends who can't accept the plan to pay Rp.225k each person due to their economics to pay choreographer. Well, I think so, it's too big just for our first Markarasta, I thought that we can show our best at grade 12.
Meanwhile, December I gotta to pay for some registration LKTI, It can be 100.000 triple 3 or more! I'm just ashamed to ask much of money just in 1 month. Oh, so what is the solution?