Okay, this is my first review book.

      I have been reading a book entitled "Oliver Twist" by Charles Dickens. It is his second novel. It describes the effect of industrialism on the 19th century on Great Britain. Oliver Twist was born in a workhouse, where the children mistreated and barely fed. He moves to the house of an undertaker, but after an unfair severe spank, he starts a seven-day run away to London.

      He arrives exhausted and starving and soon welcome in a gang of pickpockets lead by the old crook Fagin. One day he is mistakenly taken as a thief, the wealthy victim Mr. Brownlow brings Oliver to his home and shelters him. But Fagin won't let him go, so he always tried to take him back.

     Until one day, Mr. Brownlow captured Fagin and all of the thieves. Fagin was sentenced to death and Mr. Brownlow adopted Oliver as his son

     In my opinion, the moral value that we can learn is surrounding bad people doesn't mean we're following them to being bad, we must lead them to good side