Life is like a game. You can choose the bad side either good side. It's up to you, it said. We know that we can't just let life just being a gambling game, waiting for luck. No. Will you gonna wait for a chance or make a chance? Do we let out destiny be or make our destiny better? Again, it depends on you!

Here my story. Oh, I don't know how much times I wrote about the same story, I am sorry haha.

So as what I told you on my recent post, I'm schooling at SMAN 1 Malang and at first I'm crying, and my first year I'm being lazy and lazier, because I feel don't match up with this school. Strict school; especially the rules! I don't cause if that was destiny or fate. I just... I just... can't believe that.

So here I am in my first two-year posts I guess. As you know too(Of course if you have read all of my stories) I've joined KIR (Karya Ilmiah Remaja). In my first year, I was... god! In my mind, I'm just.... Recently I mumbling about my last year. It disappointed me a lot.

What did I do in my last year?
 Oh yeah something like a passive person, something like gave no contribution to my extracurricular, Disappointing my KIR teacher because I rare to consultation my KTI(Scientific paper). But the most who felt disappointed is my self, of course.

My first year of KIR just as miserable as my mind. The worst thing is I rarely attract with them, even I don't know their name, and all I want to do is do it myself.I'm being envy with other extracurricular because they know each other and more than that, cohesive.

Just why?
Fortunately and unfortunately I'm being vice leader of KIR. Fortunately, because I know that Bagus is more deserved to be the leader of KIR, I have miserably word and I'm still trying to public speaking. Unfortunately, because I want to be the leader of KIR just because I thought I can meet someone(I once or twice ever talk about him). But I realize that it's just irrational motivation haha. So glad to be vice leader.
Also, I envy with other school which not 'better' than us, they make KIR competition. Oh and how about talk that my KIR school is better?

Near the end of the first term, I have a very-postpone KTI, that we should research and socialize a card game which is impossible if it just me. So I decided to ask to help me, and fortunately, they want to help me! Thank god, apparently, they are kind and warm. So I became know their name and getting closer.

So, fortunately, Bagus, the leader is a very enthusiast with making a new program and want to increase our KIR existence. Me, Bagus, Piwi, and the others are discussing this. And we decide to make our own KIR competition. Oh wow, can we?

Today I'm appointed as the leader of the event just because I'm the vice leader Bagus said -_-. So can I make this competition success?