So this is my first weekly argument writing that following big news in order to increase my english fluency especially in vocabulary and grammar, so please if you find any mistakes tell me.

This week, there's big news that's so ashaming and sadding because there's murder, it's not a ordinary murder, based on this website human kill more than 200 crocodiles! The reason that they murder that many crocodile is to revenge their ONE friend that got attacked and died. So the story begin with that human victim mowed grass at near crocodile captive breeding and then there's crocodile that attacked him somehow and then he died so his friend revenge him and kill that innocence crocodile!

Oh how can they do it? Okay okay let's get back to first problem, why the crocodile is not watched by the keeper, okay just say that the criminals(oh such a cringe) is the crocodile- but wait, what is on your mind? To think that that crocodile is an animal, yes animal, they just have only instinct, just to eat and more importantly stay alive. How can our brain lower than animal?

Second, why the friend's human victim just can't keep calm? Why not tell the management to more keep the crocodile instead to kill 200 crocodile? Oh so barbaric.

So now how can we say there's any dangerous animal while we are the most dangerous one?