There's a lot of thought that's so sensitive that if you talk that loudly or too straight to the wrong person. So if you are sensitive please don't read ;)

After the announcement of the semifinal, there are about 4 alumni from my high school. There's so nice and warm, also very smart, I can't describe in word .-. I don't have any vision student on UGM, they are so warm, in the opposite of doctor faculty on *beep*, they're not warm, ah in a shorter sentence is make me uncomfy.

Yogya people are so warm and relax in the opposite of one of region hehe, even the Ronde merchant is kinda of slow when we're gonna give the money they said, "Wait a little bit" when he prepares for the next order, we're asking 2 times and get same answer and tone lol. In Yogya almost never heard of the horn from their motor.

When we're gonna to Malioboro, we're ordering Grab, it's not about the grab or something like that. On the conversation, The driver aka he asked where's our university( we're wearing alma mater) and so on it's taking us to zoning school, I remember kind of flashback with someone talking that SHS 3 Yogya do not have a zone on their accepting of new students. He sort of vent about his kid that going to SHS 10 Yogya that there's zoning. He said like this. "Gara-gara zonasi yang bodoh juga bisa masuk, gurunya jadi kasian". I agree with him and know his thinking and feeling because I ever felt that too. There's a stereotype on my JHS that if you're not getting into SHS 3 it means you fail, I'm just realized. I have JHS national score (36,..), I forget about my final score and cannot get into that SHS 3, it's not really bad score tho. Things that make me mad are there's low score, even on 7 head can come to best school, like... what?!?! Is there's nothing appreciation to who have worked hard on this thing? I cannot hold my tears when my score different just on a comma, it makes me crazy and makes me underestimate this aka my school until now. But yea it's my fate to bring me on scientific writing and fault to playing around and studying just while it's needed. Still, on the same problem, it's kind of make me silence that someone of in this world claiming not studying while this person is lying to deceive this person's friend so that this person's friend unmotivate to study while this person is study but this person get a remedy, it's sad to look that condition, that makes me think like, "Is there any real stupid person?"and I doubt about saying that there are no stupid people, it's all about work hard, is that really true then? there's too much double-edged knife.

Also, I have chit chat with my teacher that SHS 3 have their lecture to teach them Olympiad because they have a higher price, while on our school we have low price and if school gonna raise it even a little they're screaming, so sad, it's for our school tho. It's so sad when people that sorry-to-say poor pretend to have money when a rich person just not saying anything while the poor person is won't work for earn money. I don't know their feeling thou and it's not all person like that. When it comes to money I can't comment it, too sensitive. There's always a question on m own thought, "It's me that flexing or them that envy?" also "Why they spend money and envy while they won't work for it?".

But yea, even there's stupid people they still can be average right? There's no doubt about that. Yup it comes to my mind after there's famous school from Jakarta that almost don't know the answer on their grand final while my team knows the answer, I don't know what is the relation. But it's one again about we can hard work. Hey hey hard work is never enough too, you need ways, it can be relationship with others, your attitude, and hope we all have open-minded.

Every one can be greater.