"If you dont have friend and circle, just make one"

That one sentence I quoted from my role model, Ali Abdaal. He is an awesome guy, resident doctor, businessman, YouTuber, and so on. On my first year, i'm pretty good with making friend, but compared with high school that have 5+ bestfriend and now only 1/2/3 compared to others, it's pretty lonely. But since, I dont really like hangout and go to a cafe or something that wasting money to food i don't like it's actually kinda fun xD. 

On my first year "friend" things it's pretty give me a lil bit on anxiety since I almost joining all of things that I can do to make friend like joining all of commitee as you can see on my previous post and not of any circle, im here and there between circle lmao.

On my early second year, the amount of task is getting crazy since it's online era~ but still im love it-im not gonna lie, just the best thing i can imagine in my life when you should no make reason to not to go out. But it sometimes give me pressure to back to my "friendship life" on high school. My circle on high school we don't do sometime like cheating on exam like that, hopeless on exam means just give out best lmao. But on things like task, do some question on LKS (practice book questions), well... we split the number so we can do it faster and do another things freely, well now i'm thought about it and i think i'm the one who suggest or idk, but i remember me and Jihan split the number. Oh god, i miss high school, it's just crazy xD

So yeah you kinda get what i want to tell you about, yeah as you know at my first year, i decide gonna take a step up. I invite some person by chatting them, " hey do you wanna join me to do some teamwork to ease our uni life?" "Heck yeah!" ."Them" that don't really have "defined circle", well unexpected it turns out it becomes academic circle and each of us is on different academic group so it went smoothly xD since there's something task that you must summarize and submit it, of course many student just writing down what's senior write. But since it's online era and if you share the work it would be more exciting. I mean what's the point of searching some subject that only on power point that will come up on exam. Also everyone must be looking at same sources lmao -_- yeah maybe they we just wanna simplify their life, same like me.

That quote earlier? if you not getting adopted into any circle, just make one :)