Hello friends, yup, today I'm quitting my only game installed on my laptop, it's Genshin Impact. The first time I play on the phone, it was good but I cannot enjoy it because it was so laggy, so I switch to a laptop. Genshin is my second obsession with the second online game that get me attached so much, the first was Eden Eternal. I like the MMRPG one because you can interact with people. Even though Genshin is not  MMORPG tho, it's just co-op haha. I play Eden Eternal at my 4th-grade elementary school and quit when I'm 6th grade because I must focus on the final exam (UN) and suddenly the server on Indonesia got disconnected, like what? What a coincidence

Genshin Impact

Actually, there are many reasons why I like Genshin so much, it's just the building world, the animation (burst etc), the exploration, the battle, and also my obsession to make every exploration is 100%. You can collect characters in Genshin, but I'm not too obsessed about that, I also interested in the story building, although at some point it's just too wordy to me. In the end, it's just part of my daily life. I spend at least 30 minutes a day, when it's time to grind or do my quest, it can be up to 2/ 4/ 6 hours. It kind of took over my life. Also, this game makes me save money to build a PC so I can play with good graphic. Before playing i can afford to do some , let's say productive things, hmm at least I don't know if I can say it I play it on amount of health time. I mean I just have many amounts of free time because of online classes, and I can have time to study. 

Genshin is been my drug to my boredom, after 2/3 years pass, i can say I enjoy it so much even though sometimes it's just my daily chores. It kind of took over half of my life. It was fun so sure. But yesterday, when collecting the sigils all over the desert Sumeru region, it's just too overwhelming for me. It's good honestly, it's relatively hard than other regions. But, it's too hard for me. But suddenly I kind of thinking it over, why I am doing it? Am I enjoying it? At that point, I don't feel something anymore. I don't feel bothered but I don't feel happy anymore. I more enjoyed watching Anime right now. Maybe it's just the peak time I feel bored like it is just a phase.

I can adventure, battle, and meet kind strangers and the most important thing is P2W. First region is Mondstadt, it's just amazed me the world building, since it's been years I play online games on laptop. The Liyue region I like the Childe character because he's like sassy and funny, The Inazuma region is like the story are so deep, but it kind of too many quest. I love Ayato design so much, the "slash slash slash" sfx is so unch. Lastly,the Sumeru region, got me overwhelm because it's so large but gladly they make something to reduce the running-thingy so we can transport quickly. Honestly Sumeru aka Nahida archon Quest is so good because it gave us some progress about the main story, and it's so hearbreak story to me. But the desert puzzle it's just too grindy to me, I can't spare my time too much also I feel nauseous now, idk why. 

Genshin Impact is good, the best game in my opinion. But now I'm not enjoying it anymore, because kind of the peak of the cycle of demotivation. I'm not really sure, but I think I'll enjoy streaming for some time.

So goodbye Genshin Impact, I'm quitting also give it to another player :) Thanks for accompanying me for these years. Maybe I'll comeback when my heart told me to. Here are some pics ;(

random things that made me laugh, lmao xD

underground mushroom

Raiden event

Zhongli and the gang